Five new QPatch publications from top pharma companies

The past month five new publications has been published from GSK, Pfizer, Gilead, Lundbeck and Acesion Pharma.

Donovan et Al 2017 – Discovery and electrophysiological characterization of SKF-32802: A novel hERG agonist found through a large-scale structural similarity search

Jenkinson et Al 2017- Cardiac sodium channel antagonism – Translation of preclinical in vitro assays to clinical QRS prolongation

Diness et Al 2017 – Termination of vernakalant-resistant atrial fibrillation by inhibition of small-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels in pigs

El-Bizri et Al 2017 – Eleclazine exhibits enhanced selectivity for long QT syndrome type 3–associated late Na+ current

Schoubye et Al 2017 – The sodium channel activator Lu AE98134 normalizes the altered firing properties of fast spiking interneurons in Dlx5/6+/− mice