Sophion supports the digital transformation of pharma R&D

At Sophion, we strive to support our users’ digital transformation by enabling integration to key solution providers through standardized import and export functions

  • Export formats for Genedata Integration
  • Export formats for FDA data submissions (CiPA)
  • Import formats for Compound management system
  • Remote access through ‘remote desktop and VPN’

Genedata Integration

QPatch II and Qube 384 supports seamless export and integration to Genedata Screener.

The combined power of Sophion Analyzer and Genedata Screener enables advanced electrophysiological analysis, as well as analysis in a screening context, i.e., integrated with molecule and assay property information, scaling from one to hundreds of plates per batch

Genedata Screener harmonizes and scales analysis. It ensures high data quality for better result visibility and decision-making at leading biopharmaceutical companies, biotechs, CROs, and academic screening centres worldwide.

  • Shorten R&D Cycles
  • Harmonize analysis
  • Increase Data Availability

You can read more about Genedata Screener here, or you can contact Genedata for a demo here.

Read the press release from June 2021 here.

Download flyer.

FDA data export

QPatch II and Qube 384 have embedded a standard export format for sending data to FDA. This format is developed in close collaboration with FDA. It ensures that results of ion channel experiments under CiPA will foster sharing results in research environments and facilitate the review of these datasets.

Read more on this digital poster from FDA.

Compound list import

The most common format for the compound list can be automatically imported into QPatch and Qube platforms, saving time and reduces human errors.

If your compound list format is not supported, let us know, and we will evaluate if we can make a customized solution for you.

Remote access through ‘remote desktop and VPN’

Data generated on QPatch or Qube 384 can be accessed and analyzed remotely using remote desktop solutions. This way, data can be accessed from anywhere, enabling work flexibility and data sharing with colleagues worldwide.

For more information, contact your Sophion Application Scientist.


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