Ion Channel Modulation Symposium 2017

Professor Annarosa Archangeli – University of Florence
Title: hERG Channels: From anti-targets to novel targets for cancer therapy

Professor Dr Luis Pardo – Max-Plank Institut, Göttingen Title: Kv10.1 and the cell cycle: A two-way road

Dr Marc Estacion – Yale University Title: Precision medicine targeting pain: progress finding treatments for specific Nav1.7 mutations

Professor Alistair Mathie – University of Kent Title: Two pore domain potassium channels as therapeutic targets

Professor Guiseppe Lauria – Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico “Carlo Besta”, Milan Title: Sodium-channel related painful neuropathies

Dr Paul Miller – University of Oxford
Title: Observing modulation of a GABA-A receptor

Professor Shigetoshi Oiki – University of Fukui Title: Ion permeation and gating of the KcsA potassium channel reconstituted in the manipulated membrane

Professor Trevor Smart – University College London (UCL)
Title: Exploring GABAA receptors with neurosteroids

Professor Stephen Tucker – University of Oxford Title: New Insights into the Mechanisms of K2P Channel Gating

Dr Aneesh Karatt-Vellatt – Iontas Ltd. Title: KnotBodies: Ion channel blocking antibodies by fusing Knottins into peripheral CDR loops

Dr Ivan Kadurin – University College London (UCL)
Title: Post-translational regulation of Cav channels via auxiliary subunits

Dr Neil Castle – Icagen
Title: Targeting Nav1.9 for Development of New Pain Therapies