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Magnets for QStirrer_SB3070

Qube with stacker

QChip 348 SB2110

Large system liquid kit_SB2065

Temperature Control QPatch Qube

Reservoirs deep multi IC_SB2062

Reservoirs deep_SB2061

Conical glass vials in loader_SB2064

Polystyren microtitre MTP96_SB2054

Base for glass inserts_SB2053

Glass inserts conical_SB2052

Lidless microtubes SB2051

Washable tip, Ti02 coated_SB3050

Washable tip, teflon coated_SB3060

Ringers solution EC 50 ml SB2056

Ringers solution IC 10 ml SB2057

QClean SB2028

Cell Clone Slot_CTP with 18 chambers SB3300

24×1 MTP low profile SB2262

1×16 MTP low profile SB2261

1×1 MTP low profile SB2260

SB2260 (3)

MTP low profile SB2260

Pipette tips SB2200 Qube 384

SB2253_ACP Waste Bottle

Cell handling tips SB2210

SB2251 centrifuge tubes

Cell cup for cell hotel SB2050_2




1×1 MTP low profile SB2260

cell cup for cell hotel SB2050/SB2250

SB2252 ACP reservoir 300 ml_new


SB2262 (2)


SB2260 (2)

Centrifuge tubes SB2251

Centrifuge tubes SB2251

SB2210 – Cell handling tips

Cell handling tips

Qube 384 tips

Pipette tips for Qube 384