Induced action potentials in mouse atrial cardiomyocytes, HL-1 cells. Cells were held at 0 pA holding current and paced at 1 Hz using 300 pA current injections (3 ms duration) under control conditions (green trace) and in the presence of 100 nM (orange) and 1 µM verapamil (grey). Inserts show a single action potential on an expanded timescale and current protocol.


Qube can also carry out current clamp experiments. All 384 sites can switch between voltage clamp and current clamp in the same protocol. And multiple protocols can be combined so even including a ligand gated recording is possible in the same experiment.

  • Voltage- and current clamp can be combined in the same protocol
  • Possible to include up to 500 segments protocol
  • Segments can be as short as 1 ms
  • User-defined sampling rate up to 50 kHz
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