Qube 384用シリーズ抵抗補正モジュール

Series resistance (Rs) compensation can be a barrier to good voltage control of the cell membrane. Qube is unique in offering up to 100% compensation on all 384 sites simultaneously but individually based on a patented algorithm. Thus, high throughput is combined with high fidelity recordings. Rs compensation induces the risk of oscillations so therefore Qube is also equipped with automatic clip detection that turns off the Rs compensation to rescue the cell. Rs compensation per definition only works on single hole QChips but Qube automatically turns it off if run on a multi hole QChip so the user doesn’t have to worry about adapting experimental protocols for that.

  • Minimal voltage error due to Rs compensation
  • All 384 sites are treated individually
  • Automatic clip detection to rescue cell
  • Up to 100% compensation and down to 100 µS time constant
  • Automatic turn on/off Rs compensation depending on QChip type

Read more about series resistance compensation here.