CHO-hNav1.7 assay on Qube pharmacology, biophysical characterization and the effect of internal fluoride

著者: Sauter et Al, 2017

NaV1.7 has moved in the focus of the drug discovery industry in the last years as numerous studies provided strong proof for the efficacy to alleviate both neuropathic and inflammatory pain (Sun, Cohen, & Dehnhardt, 2014). We demonstrate high reproducibility and precision of NaV1.7 data recorded on Qube

95% of all tested cells had a GΩ seal in the beginning and
61% at the end of a long, 70 min experiment


V1/2 is stable over time with only a slight shift


Experiments can be performed in physiological ringers,
however fluoride in the internal solution significantly
increases success rate without any altering biophysical