GH4-C1 nAChR a7 on QPatch

著者: M Knirke Jensen, Søren Friis

This study presents results produced on the QPatch with GH4-C1 cells expressing the homomeric nicotinic ligand gated α7 ion channel (nAChR α7). nAChR α7 is linked to many normal and pathological conditions. It is important in memory formation, arousal, and attention, nicotine addiction, and nicotine-induced reversal of age-related memory deficits. nAChR α7 activation leads to neuroprotection against amiloid-β-induced neurotoxicity, which suggests that the receptor may play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease. Also their role in hippocampal auditory gating has linked the receptor to schizophrenia. These findings makes this particular channel an interesting target for pharmaceutical
companies. The fast kinetics of the α7 channel makes this a difficult ion channel to work on even in conventional patch clamp rigs. At Sophion we have developed assays that captures this current in a reproducible way enabling automated technology to be used in the search for blockers and positive allosteric modulators of this channel.