Reliable Kv2.1 assasy and pharmacology on the QPatch

雑誌名: Sophion application report
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The voltage-gated potassium channel KV2.1 is the main contributor to the delayed rectifier potassium current in neurons and in the cortex (Du et al. 1998, Murakoshi et al. 1999). It has been suggested that KV2.1 activation confers neuroprotection in a state of neuronal hyperexcitability via hyperpolarizing the membrane potential (Du et al. 2000, Misonou et al. 2005, Misonou et al. 2005a). Therefore, KV2.1 may be an attractive target in epilepsy research. Also, the ion channel has previously been shown to play a central role in neurodegeneration, ageing and pancreatic β cell signaling.