Validation of ligand-gated ion channels in multi-hole mode on QPatch

著者: Jacobsen et al, 2012

This report summarizes the experiments that were done running fast ligand-gated assays on QPatch HTX. QPatch HTX in multi-hole mode patches 10 cells per well instead of just one which has been shown to increase the overall success rate due to the fact that cells with less or no expression of the ion channel of interest will be patched in parallel with other cells that has better expression. The currents from all 10 holes are thus added together and therefore gives rise to increased current amplitudes from each well. The 10 holes obviously takes up more space in the flow channel in the QPlate chip and we were curious to know if these changes had any effect on the measured signal from the ten cells. We set out to test different ligand-gated ion channels that are well known and already validated on QPatch HT to determine if the signal onset was comparable to QPatch HTX in multi-hole mode. Furthermore we investigated the effect of known compounds: agonists, antagonist and modulators to see if any changes in data quality could be detected.