Qube Opto 384 – for optical stimulation of ion channels or compounds.

Optical stimulation combined with Automated Patch Clamp allows for precise control of e.g. channelrhodopsins, caged compounds and pacing studies. To allow for even better control than with our standard APC solutions, we have now integrated 384 adjustable LEDs to allow for optical stimulation of ion channels, ligands or compounds.

To compensate for heating due to the large amount of energy released, we have adapted our on-site temperature control, so temperature effects are reduced to a minimum.

To avoid desensitization from ambient light we have darkened the cabinet so Qube looks even cooler, having a distant resemblance to a well-known character from a movie happening in a galaxy far, far away.

  • 384 LEDs to ensure consistent and even light distribution throughout all 384 sites
  • Light ramps and other waveforms through adjustment of timing, duration and intensity of light
  • Integrated temperature control to avoid unwanted temperature effect
  • Full LED control integrated in Qube software
  • Dark cabinet allows for automated handling of light sensitive compounds and cells

During the coming months we will be playing with this new setup ourselves together with a few select partners. If you are also interested to discover the full potential of this setup and would like to come play with us, you are welcome to contact Sandra Wilson (swi@sophion.com) or visit booth #518 at Biophysics for more information.

Qube 384 and Qube Opto 384 – The darker cabinet on the Opto version is to avoid desensitization from ambient light and to ensure compliance to EU directives
Optical dose-response study with ten sweeps from 10% to 100% light intensity, show light saturation around 40-50% intensity
Light ramps or other waveforms can be defined directly in the Qube software for more advanced control

Sophion user meeting in our new facilities in Japan

To accommodate the needs of a growing customer base in Japan, we have expanded our laboratory and demo space in our Japanese facilities in Honjo-Waseda. This was celebrated with a three day user meeting; two days with work shop and one day with seminar with great talks on science. Both the demo room with QPatch and Qube side by side as well as the conference room were in use to accommodate the approx. 30 users that wanted to learn about the latest tips, tricks and software for QPatch and Qube 384. A great success with active interaction and continuing into the evenings with delicious Japanese foods.

Sophion User Meeting – Paris

We are happy to invite you to our European Sophion User Meeting on 7th and 8th September and we are very pleased to announce that Sanofi in Paris kindly has offered to host the meeting this year.

We are preparing an interesting programme starting at noon on 7th September giving everyone a chance to travel to Paris in the morning. Wrap-up on 8th September just around lunchtime.

À bientôt




See you at Neuroscience 2017, the world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system. You can find us at booth #823 where we look forward to meet you for an ion channel talk.

Venue:  Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC