Qube 384 recordings with very short exposure time of ligand

Some like it slow, some like it fast. A Qube user wanted faster washout of activator in ligand-gated experiments and contacted their application scientist. We adapted the protocol in a matter of a week to obtain faster washout of ligand. That is how versatile the Qube Viewpoint software is. We thus reduced the ligand exposure time from 32 s to 0.8 s. The user has already used it and presented data on our Sophion User Meeting last week in Paris. Above is shown data from applying EC20 concentration of Acetylcholine to AChRa1 with the slow protocol (32 s) respectively the fast (0.8 s) protocol. There was not used esterases in any of the washouts. With the fast protocol it is clear that the current can be stimulated multiple times without desensitization.