(Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane conductance Regulator)




  • 詳細 An Official American Thoracic Society Workshop Report: Translational Research in Rare Respiratory Diseases
    Year: 2017 First author: Kristof
  • 詳細 Development of Automated Patch Clamp Technique to Investigate CFTR Chloride Channel Function
    Year: 2017 First author: Billet, A et Al
  • 詳細 QPatch: the missing link between HTS and ion channel drug discovery.
    Year: 2009 First author: Mathes
  • 詳細 Mashiningan improves opioid-induced constipation in rats by activating cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator chloride channel
    Year: 2017 First author: Harada, Y.


  • 詳細 CFTR channels activated by flouride on QPatch
    Year: 2016 First author: Sørensen
  • 詳細 NIH 3T3 CFTR on QPatch
    Year: 2012 First author: Jacobsen et al.

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