• 詳細 Qube 384-channel patch clamp characterization of the liquid flow channels
    Year: 2013 First author: Jacobsen et al., 2013
  • 詳細 Qube 384 channel patch clamp screening system ligand gated ion channel applications
    Year: 2013 First author: Friis et al., 2013
  • 詳細 Biophysical and pharmacological characterization of ligandgated ion channels in multi-hole mode
    Year: 2010 First author: Jensen et al., 2010
  • 詳細 Pharmacological characterization of voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels
    Year: 2006 First author: Olsen et al., 2006
  • 詳細 Assessing functional properties of ligand-gated ion channels with automated whole-cell patch clamp technology
    Year: 2006 First author: Olsen et al., 2006
  • 詳細 Application of QPatch 16 for drug screening of ligand-gated ion channels
    Year: 2005 First author: Andersen et al., 2005


  • 詳細 Stable response for ligand and voltage-gated ion channels on QPatch
    Year: 2010 First author: Olsen et al., 2010

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