Day 1 – Wednesday

08.00                  Registration and tea/coffee


09.00                  Welcome remarks


Session 1 – Professor Martin Gosling, Sussex University


09.05                  Dr Marc Estacion – Yale University

Precision medicine targeting pain: progress finding treatments for specific Nav1.7 mutations


09.30                  Professor Guiseppe Lauria – Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico “Carlo Besta”, Milan

Sodium-channel related painful neuropathies


09.55                  Professor Stephen Tucker – University of Oxford

New Insights into the Mechanisms of K2P Channel Gating


10.20                  Tea/coffee  – exhibits and poster


11.40                  Professor Junko Kurokawa – Pharmaceutical School of University of Shizuoka

Local control of sex hormonal signaling regulation in cardiac ion channels


11.40                  Professor David Wyllie – Edinburgh University

The altered structure-function relationship of dendritic spines in a model of fragile X syndrome


12.05                  Professor Mike Edwardson – University of Cambridge

Visualizing activation-induced structural changes in ionotropic glutamate receptors using fast-scan AFM


12.30                  Lunch


Session 2 – Dr Howard Baylis, University of Cambridge


14.00                  Professor Trevor Smart – University College London (UCL)



14.25                  Professor Shigetoshi Oiki – University of Fukui

Ion permeation and gating of the KcsA potassium channel reconstituted in the manipulated membrane


14.50                  Professor David Beeson – University of Oxford

Genetic disorders of the neuromuscular synapse. How can we treat them?


15.15                  Tea/coffee – exhibits and poster


16.00                  Dr Anthony Lewis – University of Portsmouth

Biophysics and regulation of potassium channels from pathogenic fungi


16.25                  Dr Paul Miller – University of Oxford

Observing modulation of a GABA-A receptor


16.50                  Professor Gong Chen – Pennsylvania State University

In Vivo cell conversion for brain repair: reversing glial scar back to neural tissue


17.15                  Wrap up


19.00                  Dinner in the Great Hall of Clare College


Day 2 – Thursday

08.00 Tea/coffee


09.00 Welcome remarks

Session 3 – Professor Derek Bowie, McGill University


09.15 Dr Neil Castle – Icagen

Targeting Nav1.9 for Development of New Pain Therapies


09.40 Dr Ivan Kadurin – University College London (UCL)

Post-translational regulation of Cav channels via auxiliary subunits


10.05 Professor Andrew Tinker – Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

The role of ATP-sensitive K+ channels in the cardiovascular system


10.20 Tea/coffee – exhibits and poster


11.20 Dr Norio Hashimoto – Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Targeting T-type calcium channel for anti-pain drug discovery


11.45 Dr Jamel Mankouri – University of Leeds

Cellular ion channels as new anti-viral targets


12.10 Professor Alistair Mathie – University of Kent

Two pore domain potassium channels as therapeutic targets


12.35 Lunch



Session 4 – Professor Mustafa Djamgoz


14.00 Professor Dr Luis Pardo – Max-Plank Institut, Göttingen

Kv10.1 and the cell cycle: A two-way road


14.25 Dr William Brackenbury – University of York

Targeting breast cancer invasion and metastasis with antiepileptic drugs


14.50 Professor Annarosa Archangeli – University of Florence

hERG Channels: From anti-targets to novel targets for cancer therapy


15.15 Dr Aneesh Karatt-Vellatt – Iontas Ltd

KnotBodies: Ion channel blocking antibodies by fusing Knottins into peripheral CDR loops


15.40 Wrap up