ApplicationReport_Nav1.1 currents on Qube_AR_Public2424678-3

HEK293-Cav2.2 on QPatch

ApplicationReport_Cav1.2 recordings on Qube 384 with step, train and CiPA protocols_AR_Public24244-1


ApplicationReport__CHO-hERG Duo on QPatch_AR_PUBLIC14578

ApplicationReport_Fast Desensitizing ion channels recorded on Qube 384_AR_Public24799-2

ApplicationReport_Reliable Kv2.1 assays and pharmacology on QPatch_AR_Public23237-3

ApplicationReport_Nav1.4 on Qube384_AR_Public24441-1

High throughput screening for mode-of-action on Nav1.4

Cav1.2 on Qube 384

CFTR channels activated by flouride on QPatch

CFTR channels activated by flouride on QPatch

AR_hERG temperature control on Qube_AR_Public22766-1

AR_Internal solution exchange on Qube_AR_Public23497-1

AR_Nicotinic a7 from Galantos on QPatch_AR_PUBLIC16986


AR_CHO-Nav1.5 use-dependent blockers on QPatchAR_PUBLIC15915-4


Voltage-gated sodium channels on QPatch 16

AR_Voltage-gated sodium channels on QPatch 16_AR_PUBLIC14466

Validation of ligand-gated ion channels in multi-hole mode on QPatch

TRPM8 on QPatch

AR_TRPM8 cold sensitive ion channels_AR_PUBLIC14585

NIH 3T3 CFTR on QPatch

AR_NIH 3T3 CFTR Cystic fibrosis transmembrane receptors_QPatch_AR_PUBLIC14599

Icrac Measured on QPatch

AR_Icrac Measurement on QPatch_AR_PUBLIC14472

HEK-hKir2.1 on QPatch

AR_hek-hkir2.1 on QPatch_AR_PUBLIC17735

HEK293-TRPV1 on QPatch


HEK293-KCa on QPatch

AR_HEK293-Kca calcium activated potassium channels_QPatch_AR_PUBLIC14788

Cor.At cells embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes on QPatch

AR_Cor.At cells embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes_QPatch_AR_PUBLIC15415

Cor.4U on QPatch

AR_Cor.4U QPatch_AR_PUBLIC19236

CHO-KvLQT1 minK on QPatch

AR_CHO-KvLQT1 minK_QPatch_AR_PUBLIC16071

CHO-Kv1.5 Voltage-gated potassium channels on QPatch

AR_CHO-Kv1.5 Voltage-gated potassium channels QPatch_AR_Public15419

CHO-hERG Duo in multi-hole mode on QPatch

AR_CHO-hERG Duo in multi-hole modeQPatch_AR_PUBLIC15938

CHO-hERG Duo characterization and functional validation on QPatch

AR_CHO-hERG Duo characterization and functional validation_QPatch_AR_public14578

CHO TREx-P2X3 on QPatch


CHO Cav1.2 on QPatch (ChanTest)

AR_CHO Cav1.2 ChanTest_QPatch_AR_Public16476

TMEM16A (ANO1) on Qube

AR_TMEM16A (ANO1) Qube_AR_Public22996

The intermediate conductance KCa3.1 (IK) on Qube 384

AR_KCa3.1 (IK) Qube 384_AR_PUBLIC23227

Fast Series Resistance Compensation on Qube and QPatch


Nav1.7 on Qube